Help Sponsor an Orphan! Landscape Photography located in Frederick, MD

            Thousands of Liberian children were displaced or orphaned during intense civil war of the early 1990’s.  Although the war ended in 2003 there have been periodic outbursts since.  Many of these children live in orphanages.  Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) supports approximately 2,842 children at 50 of these orphanages as well as orphanages in Kenya and Haiti.  By purchasing these prints you are helping to sponsor an orphan in one of CAM orphanages.
All profits go directly to CAM to sponsor orphans.   CAM uses the money to send food, clothing, comforters, medicines, Bible story books, and cover some schooling costs.    CAM is a great organization with less than one percent going towards expenses.  Go to http://hansandnicole.com/landscapes  to see prints available and purchase online, and have them shipped to you!

This is from Catoctin Mountain State Park

Here's one from the Outer Banks, NC.