Danielle & Chris Married! , Air Force Memorial Wedding Photographers DC photographer 4th of July Wedding Photography

     Nicole and I couldn't have been happier to photograph Chris and Danielle's wedding on the 4th of July.  Words just can not describe the excitement we have!  Who could think of a better place than DC for the 4th of July!  It was a fabulous day to be apart of and the family made it even more memorable.  The newlyweds are amazing people and we all owe so much to them for all they have done for our country.  NBC was on site to video their wedding and you can see their awesome story below!!!  We wont ever forget the feeling when we arrived and there were about 5 or 6 camera men, plus news anchors!  It was almost overwhelming, but we breathed a prayer and God helped us get some great images.  We know we couldn't have done it on our own though.  Everyone was super friendly and their story was shown on the NBC Nightly News that night!!  Their five children also made the day so much fun as well and it is simply heartwarming when you see them all together as one big family!  We are both so happy for them and will always remember their wonderful 4th of July Wedding.  Congratulations!!!!