Gardening has been a favorite thing to do with our kids for many years now.  I wish every child could grow up having a garden.  I remember when I went on "vacation" with my grandmother.  She would show me how to prune the "suckers" on the tomatoes and let me help pick beans.  I was told to pick them "pencil size" and to try not to knock off the flowers.  Of course we had a garden at my Mom & Dad's too.  I'm always surprised at how excited our kids are to plant something.  They will practically run each other over to put prized seeds in the ground!  Over time the seeds grow to our summer garden which is usually like a jungle.  Then there's nothing like home grown veggies and herbs.  I guess our plants must be pretty tough to have made it through kids with trucks, bugs, weather, plus my usual rototiller mishaps.  Actually we have been blessed with having great gardens.  I hope our kids always have memories of our gardens too.

This was from 2008 "Hmm, What should we plant where?"

Putting in the fence, "this should keep those pesky groundhogs out!"

A couple other older favorites:

And some new favorites too!