Steam Tractors!

Every Summer we enjoy going to Rough & Tumble's Thresherman's Reunion in Lancaster County, PA.  Of course our children and I are die-hard tractor fans.  We are fans of anything with wheels over 5 tons and anything that runs on steam.  I have always loved farming, having worked on farms for a lot of my life.  This show is really great, the kids have such a blast.  They gear up for this show well in advance, making chuffing noises around the house.  The show is non stop whistles, steam and even trains too.  You can ride a real steam train and even a real mini steam train.  It always feels like summer with all the near by Amish selling fresh produce, the hot weather, and warm nights.  It's impossible to see everything in one day.  Then, later once it is dark out the steam tractors have a steam pull.  They hook up to the sled filled with weight and sparks fly out the stacks.  It makes for some pretty neat photos.  We can't wait till next year, and thanks Nicole for letting us drag you along through mud, soot and loud whistles once again!

The kids really cooperated for this one!


Lots of things to look at!

Notice Nicole dressed them correctly in "There will be mud" and "Dirt" T shirts.  (there was a thunderstorm that day)