Marsha & Kevin, Family Photo Shoot! Baker Park, Frederick Hans and Nicole Portrait Photography

Marsha and Kevin have such a wonderful family, I can tell that they are all very close.   All their children were just the nicest ever! I can't get over how nice of a family they have!  We met at Baker Park to take some photos and the weather was beautiful, and the light was just perfect.  I love the great light that comes with fall, once the air is clear and the humidity is gone.  We had a lot of fun too.  Kevin came up with some new poses and started joking that he needed to get in on the business too.  We laughed at the fact that it would be a hard business to break into, being a husband and wife business!  He finally let me show his creations for free, after much joking on his commision rate.  I really like the photo with the whole family around the rocks, that was all his creating!  Check out a few of their photos below!