Tony Bennett!!!

My wife is just the best ever.  This year she surprised me with tickets to see Tony Bennett, my favorite singer!  She gave me the tickets at the beach for our anniversary, and it was the perfect gift ever.  This past Friday was the concert and it was such a fabulous evening.  It was really special to get out, just the two of us, (I think we've gone on 4 dates without the kids in the last 7 years).  We were like kids, looking at all the big city blocks in downtown DC, it's about the exact opposite from where we grew up!  Warner Theatre was just beautiful, it has such a classic, historic feel to it.  When Tony came out it was unbelievable, having only ever seen him on TV.  Let me just say that he was unlike any other concert we've gone to.  We've seen quite a few country singers, and they are only ever half of what they sound like on CD or TV.  Tony sounded exactly like any CD he's made.  When he sings out, the whole Theatre was filled with his genuine voice.  It was amazing!  Thanks so much Nicole for such a fantastic experience I'll always remember.