Things I like in Photography- Bokeh ???

     I decided to start a new category of blog posts on photography, hopefully someone finds this interesting!  Here I would like to point out some things I really like in photography.  It can be a technique, a lens, or anything I've found that I really like.   One thing I particularly love is bokeh.  Unless you are into photography, you probably think that is some kind of foreign word, like I did the first time I saw it!  Bokeh is hard to describe, but it is "the characteristic of the out of focus part in a photo."  Great bokeh comes from great lenses and it is one reason photographers spend large amounts of money on just one lens.  Great lenses make buttery smooth bokeh by blurring something out in a photo.  This is how bokeh is produced and it's really amazing how you can do this just by using your camera.  This is all done with the camera and lens.  There are photoshop things to try and make this effect on your computer, but the results just aren't the same.  Bokeh can really make someone stand out in the photo, and I think it takes images to a whole new world.  With bokeh, often times different colors almost combine, making really neat patterns, almost like paint.   Check out some photos below, if you haven't been bored and sent away yet!  

Here is a photo with no bokeh:

As you can see, this photo has a lot of depth of field and everything is in focus.  Since nothing is out of focus, this photo has no bokeh.  It's still a great photo I think, and most landscape types of photos don't have bokeh.
Here's some photos with great bokeh, look around in the backgrounds of these photos and notice the different colors, and textures.  I think it's pretty neat!

Pretty neat, huh?  Thanks for stopping by!