On the hunt for seaglass

We like to head over to the bay every once in a while and we thought we would share some photos from one of our trips. We are only about an hour away which makes it nice! Sometimes we go to Annapolis and walk around and look at the boats, get ice cream or look in shops. ( Hans's favorite???)    If we decide to eat while we are there, then it is usually Cantler's, probably the best crab place with brown paper covered tables and local blue crabs. (yes Hans's favorite).   This time we decided to look for seaglass on the bay.  We can always find some seaglass as being near to so much boat and car traffic, there is always a source of glass.  This time was a little chilly, being fall.  We did find quite a few different colors though, mostly brown, green and a lot of white.  Real seaglass is frosty from being blasted by salt water and waves.  For the best seaglass, you need to look in the ocean, as the water has more salt and the waves are much stronger.  We still always find some neat pieces at the bay though.  Nicole is still looking for her trophy red piece which are very rare and hard to find.  So far we have found white, cream, brown, different greens, blue, olive, black, some shade of lilac, and one that is a little orangish.  That includes trips at the ocean too.  It's something relaxing to do and the kids have a lot fun, being almost like a treasure hunt.  Check out some photos below, and I hope everyone has a great week!