Featured Vendor: Sea, Sand and Hand

We talked a little about our hobby of collecting sea glass in a previous Seaglass post.  Here we would like to introduce you to Pem from Sea, Sand and Hand.  Pem has a great business and is located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He scouts the local beaches for seaglass and also buys different kinds of rare sea glass from around the world, even as far as Scotland!  Some of the pieces from over seas have multi colors or are red or orange.  These are very rare colors to find.  The odds of finding a red sea glass on our coast is very, very ,very rare!  Pem uses the highest grade silver to create one of a kind jewelry pieces featuring anything from common colors to ultra rare.  Here are a few photos I grabbed while we saw him set up this past summer.  Please check out his website at www.seasandandhand.com