A New Year

   We know the new year has been started for quite some time, but we just wanted to put a post out to let everyone know of some exciting news for our photography business.  This is going to be such a fun and amazing year we can't wait till our first wedding of the year in just a few weeks!  We have been investing in more L lenses and are involved in some great workshops this year to become better photographers and hone our skills.  We are also unveiling a completely new website on Thursday of this week.  We can't wait to hit the publish button, but we do have a couple things to wrap up first.  With around 1000 sample images and a complete fresh look, we hope it will better display our style.

   More exciting news for 2012 is with our new client sites which will be starting soon!  These custom sites will provide our wedding couples with a site just for them.  Here they can have a place for some of their favorite photos in high quality for guests and friends to see.  Also the sites will have all the information about the wedding, accommodations, gift registry, and even a page all about their story!  We hope this will be a valuable perk for our awesome couples and save them some time versus the ordinary template sites which are commonly used.  All of our sites should soon be available on iPads and iPhones too, making your photos available anywhere!

Thanks so much to all of our amazing clients and we will finish up this post with this adorable little guy, who's photos should be up here on the blog soon!