Things I like in Photography- Prime Lenses

    In our first post on things we like in photography, we talked about bokeh.   Well, if that post didn't bore you into a nap, here's the next one, prime lenses!  We both put as much into our photography as we can, so we would love to talk about our photography more, and let our clients know a little more about how we do things and features we like.  One thing we really like is prime lenses.  A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom.  Perhaps you have a digital camera and the zoom is 24-105.  That means you have a lens that can shoot at 24mm, 25mm, 26mm and so on all the way to 105mm.  A prime lens is just one focal length, say 50mm.  They are a lot different to work with than a zoom, but the image quality is second to none.  Sure, there are some great zooms, which we also own a few, but primes are always better and in a separate class in our opinion.  We are very blessed to be able to own some of the best primes Canon makes.
     In addition to the image quality being the best, prime lenses gather much more light, and this makes it possible to use no flash or less flash and create bokeh.  Flash is sometimes necessary, but natural light photos are of course, more natural looking!  Here's one of my favorite photos taken with the 50mm prime lens.  With a prime lens, I was able to keep all the background details and keep all the strung twinkle lights in the photo without using flash at all.  It was getting almost dark, but if I had used flash, that would have over powered those twinkle lights and the background would have been dark.  I think the twinkle lights and background really add a lot to the feel of the image, and complete the photo.

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