Our style

    We thought it might help to put a post here that says a little more about our photography style and some of our main approaches.  While most of these topics can be seen in our images, we feel our clients could gain something if we wrote a little.  We also would like to talk about editing, which has been an explosion in photography in the last few years.   Overall, we want our clients to have a good time having their lives documented, whether at a wedding or just an anytime portrait shoot .  We want to capture photos that show who you really are, enjoying time with loved ones.

    Our first approach in our photography, would be candid moments that really document your day or your family, the way you truly are.  On a wedding day, we want to capture the real moments that will bring back wonderful memories.  You just can't get this in a staged photo.  On engagement or portrait shoots, obviously the client needs some ideas for things to do and we will come up with fun ideas, but often it is the in between moments that capture people best.  This is our main approach, to photograph you having fun, and being yourself.  

    Our second approach is capturing details.  There are so many little details in life, and we want to help you remember them.  Tiny hands and little shoes won't always be so small.  Wedding bouquets, cakes, rings, favors, name cards, these are all little details that can bring back so many memories when viewed years later.  We always make it a priority to capture details.

  Our last approach is getting some great relaxed portraits.  Using our first approach, this makes portraits so much easier.  It is really easy when you are already having fun on say, an engagement session.  All we need to do is stop for a few moments.  When the staged portraits aren't the only thing to do, it is simply taking a few minutes here or there.  It is not the only goal, and we feel if it was then the whole mood would be different.  It would be photographing portraits OF YOU, not photographing YOU.

  Now that we have gone over our main approaches to photography, we would like to share a little more about the way we shoot.  We aim to shoot as best as we can "in camera" and use natural light almost exclusively.  Prime lenses and bokeh are also a big part of the way we work.  To us, a great photograph has to be a great photograph straight out of the camera.  There is no way to add via editing (photoshop) what can be accomplished in camera.  Any great photographer will tell you this, and this makes photography a challenging craft!  If you could simply just buy a dslr camera and fix everything in photoshop, it would be simple, right?  Unfortunately, the results will never be the same.  Another way we define our style is by using natural light.  Natural light is so much more even and diffused than flash can ever be.  We try to work with natural light as much as possible, and using flash is typically just going against the way natural light works.  There is no way to reproduce the beauty of natural light, and the way it envelopes everything.  After all, natural light was created by God!  There is no way a wimpy flash will ever live up to that.  Now, there are some indoor instances where flash is neccesary, but we typically use flash to add to the light that is already there.  There is a big difference when adding some flash to the light present rather than using it as the main light source.  Typically, unless it is a dark dance floor, we don't use flash at all and we love the difference it makes in our photographs. 

  The last step our images see before they reach the client, is editing.  Editing has been such an explosion in the last 5 years!  There are so many trends and fads out there.  Before we talk about our editing, let's take a look at some of the editing fads over the years.  First off if you look back to the 70's or so, you see the "floating head" kind of profile shots.  We've all seen examples of this, with someone staring out into outer space, and another shot looking to the side, all in one 8x10!  I think everyone can agree that these are pretty hideous now!  Jump into the 90's and it was suddenly the digital era with black and white photos with color details or bright colored flowers!  Now they are pretty much out of fashion, "the 90's" so to say!  Now we are into the photoshop style era and many photographers use "presets" to drastically change their photos.  Textures and vintage looks are both fads right now, and many people love them.    If vintage styled photos will always be your favorite, than that is fine!  We are only listing all of these fads to simply point out that fads do exist in the photography world and that fads do come and go.  We can't help but feeling that with any fad, there will always be some people who look back at their images later and think they are out of style.

     We choose not to let editing define our style.  While we do edit images in Lightroom,  we basically add some pop to the color or convert to black and white.  We've actually never given a client a photo that touched photoshop, and heavily edited images are just not our style.  We choose to edit our color photographs with real, vivid color while keeping them natural.  We do love color!  For black and white's, simple and classic, with good contrast from white to black is what we aim for.  We feel photos edited in this fashion will always be in style, and not a passing fad.  We don't want anyone to look back at their wedding or family photos, and think their images look like a passed fad.  Timeless is the best word to describe how we want our photographs to look and feel.  We want someday for your children to look at your photos and love them too!

   While we weren't looking to write a novel (we promise!), hopefully this post will shine some light on the way we approach our photography and how we choose to work.  While we definitely don't know all there is, that is the part that makes photography so interesting and challenging.  It is such an honor to photograph the amazing clients we meet and we hope that everyone will always love the images that we have taken.  God has blessed us with many amazing events and clients, and without Him we never would have gotten started!

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