Planting Tomatoes!!!! and How to grow em!!

Years ago I discovered that tomatoes are really easy to grow yourself.  My grandmother always started her own tomato plants and I always thought it was something hard to do.  Something for the "master gardener" type.  Well, one year I tried it and it was a big success.  I love the fact that I can grow any kind of tomato I want.  Like Cherokee Purple (the best tomato ever!), yellow pear, even pineapple which taste a little fruity! All you need is some quality seed starting mix.  I use bacto-lite as it has some plant food in it, but not as much as miracle grow.  Miracle grow has a lot of fertilizer which gets the plants growing a little too lush in my opinion.  Once you put them out, it can be a real change loosing that high fertilizer soil for them!  Other than that, I put in about 4 or 5 seeds to a pot, cover with 1/4 inch of soil, and they grow!  You do have to keep rotating them around in your window, or the plants will grow super lopsided.  Also, before you plant them outside you need to "harden" them off.  Basically you put them out on your porch or in the shade for an hour or two the first day, then gradually increase the time for a week 1/2 to 2 weeks.  In the end, your plants will be outside all the time, and hardy too.  If you just took the tomato plant straight outside and planted it, there is a good chance it will die.  It's like taking a plant growing in luxury on your window sill, and putting straight into different soil with sun and wind.  They don't like that!  Well, hopefully someone found this interesting, and there is still plenty of time to plant yours.  Kids love watching them grow and we've always had hardier plants with great tomatoes!!  Have fun!!!