The Least of These Ministries!!!!

     Today at our church we welcomed in a great group of people who are volunteers for The Least of These Ministries.  The Least of These Ministries is a great group of people, based in Westminster who help thousands(!)  of people in the Dominican Republic.  It is amazing how these people donate their time and work so hard to help people who really need it.  Today some of the members and also the founder Steve Hall spoke about how they got started and where they are now.  Basically it all started on a trip that Steve went on and exploded from there!  It is simply amazing how fast The Least of These has already done so much!  The Least of These focuses on helping people living in the Dominican Republican in "bateyes".  The word batey, simply means the community or work camp where these people live.  The people in these bateyes have left Haiti to find work here harvesting the sugar cane.  These people work here, and try to earn money, but there are thousands who are hungry.  Running water is a luxury here, and many people have very very little.  It is very inspiring to see the work that The Least of These has done.  The people there are so happy for what they are doing and the group gives all the credit to God.  Today Steve Hall, the founder, explained that the Least of These Ministries has dropped the infant mortality rate by 24%!  Seeing photos of the children so happy to receive a simple pack of crayons, really touched my heart.  With all the work they are doing, they are still really, really needing donations.  There are still many people who they can not reach yet until they have more funds.  They are also working on building a warehouse, so they can keep food out of the hot sun and store it safely.  Please check out their links and donate anything you can.   "....whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me."  Matthew 25:40

Please check out their website here, you can donate via paypal!

Also, if you are on Facebook, go and "like" them here right now!  That will help them spread the word on their new Facebook page!