Road Trip!

    We've been a little behind on our blog posts, but we have been having a great summer.  We've already photographed many fun events and now we are getting ready for another wedding this weekend!  We have been meeting with some new awesome couples too, and we can't wait till their weddings next year, one is even at an Amusement Park!  Summer does fly by, and we've had so much fun together on our own and we've been wanting to blog about that too!  We recently celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary, so that post should be coming hopefully soon!    This one will be a shorter blog I guess!  About a month ago we went for a day trip around the Chesapeake Bay.  We checked out some new little beaches and went down to the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.  It's pretty wild down there!  We saw some really great views and even some Osprey and a Bald Eagle!  We were able to get some really close up Osprey photos, while the Bald Eagles stayed pretty elusive.  On the way there, we passed an awesome sunflower field.  Since I love sunflowers, Hans made a Uturn and we stopped for a quick photo (trespassing style).  Hey, we didn't hurt anything, and it wasn't that far off the main road!  We are so happy to spend time together and little things like that make for great memories.