Ostertag Vistas Wedding Venue Photos

One of our couples who is getting married next year is having their wedding at Ostertag Vistas near Myersville, Maryland.  I decided to go and check it out before next year, just to be a little bit familiar with the venue before the big day.  It's nice to know the layout a little before a wedding, so everything isn't brand new on the day of!  Plus our spring is getting pretty busy already! 

     This is such a beautiful venue!  I was really impressed.  It is sooo peaceful and quiet.  There is also so much history here, and you really need to visit their website to read a little about the family and their history.  The barn has been beautifully restored and has a huge great room, it's amazing!  It was a beautiful evening, and I did a little photography while I enjoyed walking around and checking it out!  Take a look below!

You can find their website at: www.ostertagvistas.com  Feel free to pin the images too!

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