Wedding Photojournalism by Frederick Wedding Photographers Hans & Nicole

   I've been wanting to do a post about photojournalism for quite some time, it's been on my list!  A lot of photography now is a more candid style, take for instance, the bride and groom posed, not looking at the camera, but looking at each other. These photos are great, and are often times favorites, but true photojournalism is something different.  Photojournalism is basically photographing something real that is going on without interrupting it or posing it at all.  While posed photos are great, a wedding photojournalist can capture what your day really felt like in a different way.  Real emotion is captured, often times something sweet, funny, or romantic.  It takes patience to capture great candid photos, and most importantly you need to think ahead.  You really can't just walk right up, because whoever is involved will see you and the actual happening is then done!  Anticipating what is going to happen next, is a big part.  Check out the photos below, which are all 100% real moments!  I would love to post more, so hopefully we will do another post sometime soon with more!  Have a great day!

When the bride gave her grandmother the wedding bouquet, as a gift!!!!

Welcoming Grammy, with her handkerchief in hand!